Dept. of Radiology
Department of Radiology
The Department of Radiology is one of the best in the country; it was the first department in the country to go fully digital . It is one of the few departments in the country where interventional radiology procedures are performed for all regions of the body. The department has four full time consultants and two visiting consultants and is headed by Dr. Mathew Cherian whose primary area of Interest and expertise is Interventional Radiology. Dr. Pankaj Mehta is senior consultant in Radiology and is in charge of cross sectional Imaging besides performing Interventional radiology Procedures . Dr. Rupa and Dr. Venketesh are involved in diagnostic imaging.

The Department has two angiography suites with facility for 3D angiography and DSA . It is one the fist few centers in the country to install the Volume CT from from GE medical system .It allows exquisite imaging of the whole body including the cardiac vessels . The Advantage windows 4.3 is considered to be one of the finest work stations available for post processing of CT data.It allows us to generate surface and volume rendered images of the whole body . It is also one of the best tools in the world for CT angiography.

KMCH introduces the world’s most advanced MRI scanner, MAGNETOM Skyra 3T with TIM and DOT. The SKYRA 3T enables the most accurate diagnosis that is critical to early detection and treatment, through its 3 Tesla magnetic strength offering double the image resolution ( 48 channels ). It has the shortest lenghth and widest bore significantly reducing clostraphobia, providing the most comfort to patients. It is the first of its kind in TamilNadu and the second in the country

Reducing the time and discomfort in breast cancer detection. KMCH introduces Siemens MAMMOMAT Inspiration Full-Field Digital Mammography System. It offers patients quick and comfortable breast cancer detection. Through constant monitoring, deviating parameters are detected before problems occur. It is the most advanced system available today enabling high-speed and accurate diagnosis. This system takes diagnostics to a new dimension offering digital screening and diagnostic mammography, stereotatic biopsy and upgrade capability to future technologies all in one system.
  • Designed to provide a more pleasant examination environment for patients.
  • More efficient workflow for technologists.
  • Excellent image quality for physicians.
  • Dose calculation further optimized.

  • In addition the department has six ultrasound machines . Two of them can create real time 3D images which are useful in the study of the unborn child. Routine X-rays are computerized to enable us to deliver excellent quality X rays films . In addition to all these we have technologists with years of experience which is important to deliver quality. Procedures like ultrasound guided drainage and biopsy are routinely performed .

    BMD or bone mineral densitometry with the DEXA scan is the most reliable way to accurately diagnose osteoporosis. Early detection of osteoporosis can avoid un-necessary fractures in the spine and lower limb. The department is recognized by the National Board and has 10 PG students at any given time.
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