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Case Study
Case Study Vascular Stent Graft For Iliac Artery Aneurysm
Case Study Details

This 75 year male patient came with  pain in the abdomen Ultrasound showed a mass which had flow on color Doppler consistent with an aneurysm (abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel). The options we had was to either do an open surgery  or an minimally invasive endo- vascular one.  We chose the  endovascular option since it was  much safer and simpler .
An Angiogram was performed by inserting a thin tube(catheter) from the left thigh which confirmed the findings which was seen in the ultrasound , following this a wire was used to go beyond the aneurysm into the normal segment. The catheter was removed and a specially designed tube (stent graft) loaded catheter was  positioned across the aneurysm .The graft was then deployed .
  The post procedure Angiogram showed excellent result with no further filling of the aneurysm. The patient was discharged asymptomatic two days later with no scars and could get back to normal life on discharge
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