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Case Study
Case Study Vascular Post traumatic Priapism
Case Study Details

A 6 yr old boy came to us with a persistent painful erection secondary to a fall from the bed.

Doppler examination showed a pseudoaneurysm in the right corpora cavernosa.

Digital substraction angiography confirmed an active bleed from the dorsal artery of the penis.

This artery was superselectively entered using a Progreat microcatheter and embolized using Gel foam scrapings.

This is a technique of non-permanent embolization of the artery so that it would heal within a few days and blood flow to the penis would be maintained without blocking the penile artery permanently.

Post procedure angiogram showed no filling of this pseudoaneurysm.

Doppler image showing pseudoaneurysm arising from the dorsal artery of penis on right side.

Digital Substraction Angiogram confirms presence of active bleed. This was embolized using Gelfoam scrapings.
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