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Case Study
Case Study Vascular Fibroid Embolization
Case Study Details

This 23 year old presented with increased bleeding during her menstrual periods. Ultrasound showed a moderately large fibroid .
She was unwilling for any surgery on her uterus. Her MRI Scan confirmed the ultrasound diagnosis of  a 7 Cm's fibroid . The fibroid was within the muscle layers (intramural).
She underwent uterine fibroid Embolization wherein her uterine arteries were catheterized through a small pinhole in the thigh . She was discharged 24 hours after the procedure on pain killers.
The 3 month followup MRI showed more than 50% reduction in size and over the next 6 months the fibroid could hardly be visualized .
The patient continues to be asymptomatic 3 years after the procedure.
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