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Case Study
Case Study Vascular Bleeding From The Leg (Pseudoaneurysm)
Case Study Details

A 55 year old lady  came to the hospital with a painful swelling in the right calf following an injury . The swelling had progressively increased and also was associated with inability to walk.
  An ultrasound scan and Doppler showed it to be a pseudo-aneurysm(a blood vessel rupture into tissues forming a sac) .
 An Angiogram confirmed the diagnosis of a large sac that was filling with the dye that was injected.
 An open surgery would be an complicated procedure...
 Thus she was referred for interventional radiology management.

A micro catheter was introduced through the initial catheter that wasused to perform the Angiogram .Multiple fibered steel coils were placed in the culprit vessel . The post procedure Angiogram showed excellent results with no further filling of the pseudo aneurysm.she was discharged after 48 hours.
Interventional radiology has revolutionized the management of peripheral aneurysms through embolization


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