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Case Study
Case Study Brain & Spinal Cord Acute Stroke Thrombolysis
Case Study Details

A 60 year old lecturer came to the hospital unconscious .she had finished her dinner and had suddenly collapsed . Her husband notice her inability to move the right side of the body .
On arrival at the hospital an urgent CT scan was done which showed no abnormality . It was obvious that she had an ischaemic stroke where a blood clot from her heart had plugged a blood vessel on the left side of the brain.
An Urgent Angiogram confirmed the findings there was hardly any filling from the right Carotid artery into the brain.

A guiding catheter was navigated from the blood vessel of the thigh(femoral artery) into the blood vessel of the brain (Carotid artery) A micro catheter was then introduced through the guiding catheter this was further navigated under imaging guidance into the blood clot . The Clot was dissolved with a drug (urokinase) over the next one hour.
The post procedure Angiogram shows good results with normal filling of all the vessels of the brain.
She made an uneventful recovery and was discharged asymptomatic she was discharged after 7 days.
Interventional radiology has revolutionized the management of stroke through angioplasty Stenting and Thrombolysis embolization


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